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    Many of the top grossing companies in the world rely on the internet for a rather large fraction of their overall sales. In fact, a rather large percentage of the top grossing companies only exist within the confines of the world-wide-web. There are no showrooms to drive to and no huge outlet stores to display their latest wares.

    These companies, regardless of the product they produce or the services they dispense, in order to continue to thrive in the ever-growing market of the internet, must be capable of surpassing the competitions' claims and provide a superior product in order to stay on top.
But, on the internet there is another hurdle a company must master in order to stay on-top. A company cannot succeed on the internet today without being the most popular search engine listing within their vertical market.

Rising Profits    The origin of a companies' internet sales vary from market to market but overall, about 75% of all visitors to a website begins that journey at an internet search engine. With the search engines reply to a visitors' question, a surfer is most likely going to find the answer to his query on the first page. Which most likely means that your internet traffic has just been slashed by 75%.
    Web Site Optimization for the purpose of enhancing your search engine indexing position is necessary to attract targeted internet traffic, and generate sales.
    Many SEO firms today utilize tactics that only provide you with untargeted traffic that provide you with a wealth of visitors, but very little sales. The end result is a collection of websites linking to your website, who's only purpose is to sell links - not your product.
Tactics such as this, in the long-run, will hurt your web presence and diminish your site's value to search engines.
    411 Web Design Group is a Las Vegas, Nevada based website design & internet marketing / search engine optimization company with more than 50 years combined experience with internet marketing. We utilize the latest applications, spending countless hours, studying the market trends and demographics in order to know who your consumer base is, producing "Search Robot" friendly coding, fine tuning your content to assure an informative and user friendly site that will bring targeted traffic that generate the sales needed to make your website an integral part of your company's bottom line. Then by increasing your website's reach through off-site promoting, open directory submissions and link exchange campaigns, we can move your website to the top of the search engine indexes and keep you there. No quick schemes, no doorway pages or hidden text.
We employ “white-hat” practices and adhere to the guidelines of the major search engines, open directory listings, enhancing your local position by the inclusion of your company in numerous business directories resulting in the clients with a guarantee of top search engine placement in 'The Major Search Engines'.  This we achieve by investigating your website from the inside out, finding out what your site's strong points are and building on them and re-writing site code to present your site's content in a manner that makes it extremely proficient in it's performance, presentation and navigation. Instituting multiple processes such as:

  • By actively gathering reciprocal links to your site with other companies that enhance your services, making your product more enticing to the consumer.

  • By re-coding your website to adhere to the guidelines and suggestions provided by search engines to make your site "search-engine friendly".

  • By researching your target audience, and knowing who and where to find them.

  • By utilizing the “open directory” services on the world wide web to give you and your product the “reach” needed for phenomenal traffic metrics.

  • By vigilantly monitoring your search engine position on all major search engines, and instituting changes to exploit current marketing trends to promote your web presence.


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